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Sound Reiki Master Graduates L-R ,Front  Lesley Hennessy, Angela Essop, Alda DaSilva, Back L-R, Joanna Grace, Catherine Jenereaux, Liliane Neron, Catherine Varga, Heather Hannan photo taken by Frank DiGenova

Sound Reiki Master Graduates
Front L-R  Joanna Grace, Lesley Hennessy,      Angela Essop, Alda DaSilva,
Back L-R  Catherine Jenereaux, Liliane Neron, Catherine Varga, Heather Hannan
photo taken by Frank DiGenova

On May 3-5, 2013, the Sound Reiki Institute conducted a weekend intensive Sound Reiki™ Master’s Certification program.  It was an inspiring time for all and we are so proud of everyone who was there.  It was a magical weekend of sharing and illumination as we all expanded our consciousness.

At the end of this wonderful weekend, we all got together to have our graduating class photo taken. Our hearts were filled with gratitude and love for the extraordinary events we experienced throughout the weekend.  Little did we know that one more event was to happen.  While one of the students was trying to adjust the self timer so he could be in the photo, the camera went off several times on its own.

This photo reveals the magnificent Orb containing 5 Archangels that joined us in celebration of their teachings.  As you can see by the photo, no one was paying attention.  The Orb contains the aspects of Archangel Michael (strength, courage, protection, color blue), Archangel Gabriel (purity and clarity, color white), Archangel Raphael (healing, color green), Archangel Chamuel (Love, color pink), and Archangel Zadkiel (transmutation, color purple).

We were honored to be graced by these Archangels and their teachings throughout our weekend and would like to share their divine energy with you.  Just by looking at the Orb you will receive healing.

Blessed be

Master Class Orb - Itself



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