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IMAG1109 cropThis month’s orb picture comes from Dunneville, Ontario, and was taken by Don Parsons.  There is a lot of activity going on in this picture.  The photo was taken from the inside of the house and the bright round light is the flash from the camera.  However, you will notice a bright white and blue line that is through it.  This is a healing ray, directed to the ground, that contains the healing energy of Archangel Michael, he is represented by the blue tones in the ray.  Archangel Michael is providing protection and strength to the elementals (nature spirits) that are living in this rural area.  The picture of these orbs was taken for a reason, as you were meant to see and receive the healing energy they are offering.

The gang is all here, you can see two small, milky white circular orbs coming in for the healing.  Way in the background by the stone fireplace you will see a green light.  This is a wonderful, loving and healing ray of green light coming from the Archangel Raphael.  Inside this orb he is sending love and healing to the elementals that are there, see the little white lights inside the green?  He has come to them and offers the soothing healing energy of his green rays of light.

The beautiful things about orbs is that they emanate the healing energy just by looking at it.  Take a deep breath, calming your mind.  Stare at Archangel Raphael’s orb and feel the healing energy coming from it.

Orbs are a way for our angels to show us they are with us in a tangible and unique way.  They want us to known of their presence and are with us in so many forms loving us unconditionally and sending light of healing, protection and strength.  If you are looking at these orbs, this message is for you.

How do we keep our energy clear and clean?

Your aura absorbs energy like a sponge.  So what’s kind of energy is in your aura?  Consider your aura like the clothing you wear on your body.  The clothing is layered in order to protect your sensitive body from exposure to all the elements.  Your clothing filters some of elements that would affect your comfort and well being.

The auric field of energy around you is a multidimensional field of Light. The Light has colors and has a different density depending on its vibrational frequency.   A high vibration is the most desired as it resonates to well being in mind, body and spirit.  A low vibration invites dis-ease of the mind, body and spirit.  When we have low vibration energies in our auric fields, it often shows up in the body as illness. It shows up before that in the mind as limiting beliefs, worry, anger, fear, etc.  It also shows up in the spirit where our beliefs live. Always remember that what you believe is true, your perception is your reality and that perception has a vibration to it.

In Sound Reiki® we use sound to activate sound and light codes in our beings which are directly related to our vibration.  Likewise, certain sounds can raise your being to the highest possible frequency that we can benefit so much from.  If you have listened to a beautiful piece of music that touches you in a place deep inside, you know what I mean. Looking at pictures of divine light energy such as orbs raises our vibration if we allow it.

Enjoy a free Sound Reiki® Vibrational alignment (link here) and may the angels be with you.

Love and Light,


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