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This photo reveals the magnificent Orb containing 5 Archangels that joined us at a Sound Reiki® Masters Workshop, May 2013, in celebration of their teachings.  The Orb contains the aspects of Archangel Michael (Strength, Courage, Protection, color blue), Archangel Gabriel (Purity and Clarity, color white), Archangel Raphael (Healing, color green), Archangel Chamuel (Love, color pink), and Archangel Zadkiel (Transmutation, color purple).

We were honored to be graced by these Archangels and their teachings throughout our weekend and would like to C&H cropped for siteshare their divine energy with you.  Just by looking at the Orb you receive healing.

Photos taken by Sound Reiki® Master Frank DiGenova


For more Angel Orb photos and information please link to our Angel Orb page.

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