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Catherine Varga is a sound and energy educator, explorer, spiritual counselor and gifted intuitive. Catherine’s outgoing personality, sense of humor and compassion for others make her popular with clients and students alike. She is a Reiki Master, Sound Reiki Master Teacher and an Ascension Master.

After a successful corporate career, Catherine made the decision to follow her passion of sound healing and teaching and has established an international client base for her sought after healing gifts. She is Founder of the Sound Reiki Institute and the Sound Reiki Certification Programs.

Through the understanding that everything is connected, Catherine works with healing energies of Divine Love and Light from the Divine Oneness of All That Is. Her work addresses the root causes of dis-ease which block the ability for one to create their highest possible reality and evolution. By increasing the Light vibration within the human body and the earth, Catherine believes we accelerate the Divine Evolution of the Human, Planetary and Universal Consciousness. Catherine is the creator of Conscious Reincarnation™ Programs. These self development workshops have helped many change their lives. Catherine resides in Toronto, Canada.

 The Sound Healing Methodology

I believe we are here to heal ourselves so that we may understand our Divine Purpose and restore our connection to each other, Mother Earth and to the Divine Oneness of All That Is. Living in harmony, love and compassion for each other and the Earth is our destiny. By removing distortions of all that separates us from each other and our Divine Source, we discover our Authentic Self, radiance in health and well being, creating a new way of living through this Wholeness and sense of community with others.

The foundation of my work is based in a sound and light healing technology rooted in electrotonal frequency vibrations which I express with my voice.  I believe that sound is the most powerful way of affecting energy.  As an Ascension Grand Master, my being resonates to the same vibration as the Divine Oneness of All That Is.   The Divine Oneness is the spiritual Source of all Sources, the root of our being and I believe we are all connected to this Divine Vibration.   The multi-dimensional tones that I have been gifted, heal the human body on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

My work addresses the root causes of dis-ease in the human body, the planet and the universal consciousness that blocks the ability for us all to live to our highest possible reality and evolution.

My practice is intended to work in harmony, complimenting the spiritual values from all religious and non-religious organizations or institutions, which are honored and respected.  The minimum requirement related to the effectiveness of my work is your belief in a higher power that we are all connected to, even if you cannot put a name to it.

“When we shift, the world shifts. When we shift our Divine Pathway is illuminated and aligned to Divine Truth and Love where anything is possible. Together, we will create One People, One Planet and One Love.” Catherine Varga

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