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Catherine VargaI was finishing the last of my unpacking from a move I had made a few months ago and came across this letter I wrote from my Higher Self to my ego self, at a time when so much was changing in the world and my life.  It talks of a commitment to a philosophy in order to transform my life and the intention of faith and trust with the process. With so many dramatic changes going on all around us and within us, I thought this letter would be interesting to share.  I believe it is as relevant now as it was then.  It my intent that it inspires you as it did me.



To cathy from  Cathy:

I am prepared for my destiny and desires to be fulfilled.  I know during the process I will learn and grow in areas that will contribute to the realization of these goals.  I have faith in the process of the universe and will proceed with trust and willingness, permitting all that needs to happen or not happen.

I accept that the process may be challenging emotionally because that is the area that is underdeveloped for me.  The ultimate challenge of the spiritual warrior is relinquishing control.  I am prepared to do that right now.

Now is just the time to be.  It’s a new feeling so explore it and know what it feels like, because in the next phase of life that you are entering, that feeling is going to be what taking the right course of action feels like.

The cycle of transformation is always a challenging one.  Every experience in life that changes the way we see life and how we need to live to be in a happier state, requires the acceptance of leaving the past behind.  The philosophies that you used in the past cannot be applied in your present situation without recreating the past and thus keeping you locked into a negative cycle.  We cannot live a happy and productive life in this manner.   It affects our soul’s needs and is based on decisions motivated by fear.  If there is an enemy to the soul it is fear and ignorance.

Going into the unknown can be a scary thing or an exciting thing, that is your choice to make.  I choose to make it an informative and exciting adventure from which I will benefit.  By not challenging the process and allowing it to “happen” the speed of my progress will increase.  The more you resist, the more uncomfortable the  process, a process that will eventually win out in this life if you are committed to growing and accepting the changes that need to be made to transform your thoughts, actions and deeds.

As I grow and move on from the past, it creates the necessity of letting go of outmoded philosophies that no longer serve who I am now and this can be a challenging thing.  I have come to understand one thing, if you respond, especially emotionally, in the same way to new things that you have in the past, you simply recreate the past.  And who wants to live there forever?!  Personal transformation is always challenging but thankfully, with faith in the process, the end of the passage always has a big cherry on top that introduces us to the beginning of a new and happier way of living.

So why fight the inevitable when it is your happiness at stake?  The very action of allowing, accepting what comes before you and taking responsibility for everything that happens to you can be a wonderful experience not plagued with difficulties but a blend of challenges and rewards.  It must be this way because the pathway to growth and the exhilaration that comes from conquering the challenges is one of the greatest joys and accomplishments in our spiritual lives and manifests positively into our physical, emotional, and mental states.  They are all connected – help them work in concert with each other.

“I Love and Honor myself every day and express it through my thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds.”

The Light in me recognizes the Light in you.



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