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To me Love is the opposite of fear.  You might think that it is anger that is the opposite, but I believe that all anger is rooted in fear.  I have found in my practice that most angry people are afraid of something deep down and their anger protects that fear.  It keeps it alive, as does worry, doubt, confusion and low self-esteem.

As Love and fear are opposites, they resonate to different vibrational frequencies that cannot reside in the same space.  At any given moment we make choices consciously (our thoughts) and subconsciously (our feelings) that are based in love or fear.  These are motivated by our experiences and perceptions.

All energy vibrates to different levels of frequencies. Everything has a vibration and that vibration magnetically attracts more of the same. This vibrational energy is as alive as you are and like our physical bodies, needs nourishment, its food is thoughts and feelings.   Thoughts and feelings contain two types of energy, positive and negative.  The positive energy of Love repels disease and attracts positive experiences while the negative energy of fear, in all its expressions, attracts negative experiences in order for you feel the emotions that nourish it.

Every second of every day, your thoughts and feelings are attracting one of those two energies into your life, whether you are conscious of it or not. Any time we make decisions and choices while feeling fear we attract experiences that create more things to be fearful of. The subconscious mind gets its directions from your emotions.  How you are feeling shows you the direction that your subconscious is pointed, dwelling on those feelings is what starts to attract experiences that reinforce those emotions.  The subconscious does not discern whether your emotions are good or bad for you it will simply manifest experiences that match your feelings.

Have you ever loved someone?  When we focus on our feelings of love, we feel a sensation of expansion, feeling bigger.  When you open your arms to embrace someone you care about, in that moment there is no dis-ease that can enter your body, mind or spirit.  Why?  Because you are emanating the vibrational energy of Love and it is more powerful than any disease.

When we acknowledge how we are feeling or thinking about something and look at whether it is helping us or hurting us we can start to make decisions and choices that move us away from that which hurts us. By focussing with intention on a loving outcome, one that is for our happiest and highest good, we need to surrender something.

Surrender is giving up something for something better – never for something lesser.   When we can put ourselves in a calm space, centering ourselves to be motivated by loving ourselves and wanting what is best for us, it is from this place that transformation happens.  It is from this place that the very best decisions and choices are made.  When making a decision at a time when you are holding onto anger about something, you may find yourself feeling more frustrated with the solution than you desired.

Be conscious of your thoughts and feelings. Perception is everything, release sorrow, anger, worry or doubt and replace it with faith and trust in yourself to do the right thing and the knowing that if something does not work out it is because there is something better coming, if you let it.  Release the negative feeling and replace it with the feeling of your willingness to do the right thing to attract more harmony and balance into your life.  This can mean forgiving yourself for holding onto pain or anger for so long or forgiving someone who wronged you. To forgive someone who wronged you does not mean that what they did they got away with, it means that you are no longer giving it the power to influence your decisions and outlook on life and love.

Release the feeling of a lack of worthiness in any situation and replace it with a feeling of self-respect knowing that every experience is our teacher and when understood, points you in the direction of attracting more of what you want to experience in your life. Love yourself, forgive yourself and others.  Know that personal integrity allows for mistakes, embraces forgiveness and humbly makes self-directed corrections allowing a rebalanced spirit to grow again.

I want to share with you an inspiring affirmation that has always had a positive influence on my perspective.  It comes from the Daily Word.

“I no longer try to change outer things. They are simply a reflection.  I change my inner perception and my outer reveals the beauty so long obscured by my own attitude.  I concentrate on my inner vision and find my outer view is transformed.  I find myself attuned to the grandeur of life and in unison with the perfect order of the universe.”

Create, in love, a personal philosophy to keep moving forward in your life and remember the past is over, the future has not yet begun and you are in the space between. That space is called now and you can choose joy.  Love is the best healer of them all.


Catherine Varga

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