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Fire Flame ID-10036289Now is the time to acknowledge the fire within.  It is that life force energy that sparks creativity.  Those that allow spontaneity in their lives create adventure and excitement that comes from a willingness to give themselves pleasure and joy.

This is a wonderful time for reflection, release and life course corrections.  If something has burned your inner fire away, call forward the energy of Love.  Worries, depression and insecurities are symptoms of fear and fear is the opposite of love. When we surrender to our thoughts and feelings of confusion and helplessness, our decisions will attract more reasons to be fearful, insecure and defeated.  This happens because of a Universal Law known as the Law of Attraction and we just as easily use this Divine Law to create our highest good.

WhenPower of Forgiveness Heart - Sound Reiki Institute we can return our focus to a place of gratitude, appreciating what is going well in our lives, our physiology starts to change, we start to feel calmer and more relaxed.   When we can hold the space of love in our hearts and minds, compassion starts to return, firstly for ourselves and then for all others  and that has great influence on our decision making process.  When we can make decisions and choices from this space, we can use the clarity that comes from a loving calmness that brings balance to our heart and mind.

Self-confidence comes from the ability to know what is best for oneself and the wisdom to follow through with action.  When we make decisions, those decisions need to be built on faith and trust. Whether it is a decision to lose weight or a decision to take some personal risks for positive growth, a decision becomes reduced to only a suggestion when it is not supported by faith in your beliefs about the decision and the degree you can trust yourself to take action and do your part.

When you decide to change something ask yourself:Core Beliefs rock hands

  • Do you really believe in that decision?
  • Do you have faith that you are supported by a Divine Universe that is in flow with you?
  • Do you trust yourself to have the commitment to do your part?

Make it your resolve to be your personal best at all times. Strengthen your resolve to maintain your dignity, devotion, and compassion staying loyal to yourself, your dreams and your decisions, especially in times of uncertainty.  Address any insecurities that show themselves as a self-important need to be the one to do it all for others, sacrificing yourself and happiness along the way.  Personal integrity allows for mistakes, embraces forgiveness, and humbly makes self-directed corrections, allowing for a rebalanced self to triumph again.

It is a great time to explore your options in all areas of your life.  Someone very wise once told me that if you can only see two options to any situation, you need to go back and reflect some more.  There are always more than two options to any solution and it is good to train yourself from the tunnel vision of creating only a Plan A or Plan B.  When we only see one or two options to a situation it can suggest that we are compromising something that is important to us or feeding a limiting belief and not allowing our needs to be met.  Often that is motivated by fear and insecurities.  It is really important to be honest and authentic with yourself at all times when you are making decisions and choices.  Remember, everything is possible.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi




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