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Our happy group

I have just arrived home from my 2 week adventure in Peru visiting great Incan temples, participating in sacred ceremonies for the Wesak Festival, celebrating the Super Moon and experiencing the magic of Machu Picchu while enjoying the camaraderie of a great group of people.   We honored the energies in every temple we visited with sacred Incan ceremonies led by our beautiful Shaman, Bernadina.

It was so much fun and we bonded like family.

The highlight of my trip was being in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in the Urubamba Valley and spending time in Machu Picchu, where I was at one with the land and felt its loving, gentle, nurturing, earth energy. This trip for me, and many others, was about honouring the wholeness of life and acknowledging its alignment, feeling at-one-ment with all life and at home with the Self, finishing a step or a lesson, celebrating completion and inspiring new beginnings.

Life presents opportunities for us to achieve unity and wholeness at every turn when we give gratitude for each little step along the way.  It asks us to reflect on how we view the interaction of our bodies, minds and spirits. How do we want to flow in the world?

If these parts of the Self are in harmony then the process of being in wholeness begins.  New levels of understanding and awareness start to grow when we release our fears and struggles. We learn to trust again, trust ourselves, the universe and all that we are connected to.

And boy, were we connected!  Many in our group took amazing photos of orbs, and spiritual mists and my friend Heather and I took an intriguing photo of a nature spirit while in Machu Picchu.  Here are three.

A nature spirit guide (right side) posing with Heather in Aquas Calientes.

Purple Orb (often the way that spiritual beings show themselves) in Inca archaeological site in Ollantaytambo

An Orange Orb in the shadow of an ancient door in Urumbamba taken by my friend Leanda-Michelle of Arunquiltha Healing, Australia

Our guides told us that Machu Picchu was a place of higher learning, a university for High Priestesses and the future king and queens.  It has a beautiful, peaceful energy about it, and we felt the energies of the initiates and teachers all around the complex.

Healing Bed in Machu Picchu

At the Temple of the Chosen Ones in Machu Picchu, one of our guides told us that the stone on the floor was a healing bed and the other marker on the floor, a stone eye used for divination.  Very cool, Heather and I knew we had to go back to this temple on our free time.  Here are some photos of this ancient healing bed.  The bed remarkably fits all bodies and when I opened my eyes after giving gratitude for the healing, I saw purple lights around the wall in front of me.  Amazing.

Divination Eye - Machu Picchu

Here is the stone eye in the ground.  We filled it with spring water, stated an intention to expand awareness and felt a powerful opening in our third eye, the sixth chakra.

All in all, this trip was remarkable with great food, people and places.  Many magical experiences were had by all and I am very grateful to have been part of this trip.

On the last day of our journey, in the last temple of our trip, we celebrated with gratitude, love and the opening of our hearts.  Here are some words that came to my heart in the ancient Lemurian Temple of Love, Sacred Valley of the Incas.

“I see the temple of my heart; with doors flung open as I free myself from the illusions that kept them closed.  I joyfully watch as the phoenix of my soul arises from the burnt ashes of old beliefs and limitations fly fearlessly into the freedom of the unknown and I experience the birth of new beginnings where anything is possible.  I am free and I choose love.”

Every traveller on life’s journey is a messenger, and every destination the beginning of a new life unfolding.  The magnificence of our human spirit is waiting for the joy of discovery.    Blessed be yours.




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