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Standing Sedona 045 webRecently, I enjoyed a lecture by Dannion Brinkley in Sedona, Arizona.  Many of you will recognize him as a well known author whose books discuss his three near death experiences.   He has written four books on the subject and one of them, Saved by the Light, was made into a television movie which received the highest ratings ever.

I did not know what to expect and found Dannion Brinkley to be a very down to earth person who is committed to love, life and laughter.   He opened by saying he conducted himself in a way that made him think that he would never go to the Light upon his passing, he was convinced he had a first class ticket to  “Hell”.

Dannion talked about when he was hit with lightening, how he went to the Light through a darkened tunnel and once he arrived in this divine place of peace and love he was shown a 360 degree review of his life.  This happened in all of his passings.   I found it interesting that from that higher perspective he said he could see how and why the experiences of his life seemed to fit together, even though during the process of living this was not possible.

He communicated many messages that he felt were important for us to know.  Here are some highlights:

  • you never die
  • there is no  “Hell”Dannion
  • we are here to appreciate, admire and inspire
  • we are here to be appreciated, to be admired, to be inspired
  • we are all connected (a scientific fact!) and we must remember we love each other
  • you chose to be here and you were picked to be here at this vital time to participate in a new age of human evolution
  • co-operation and community is our natural disposition
  • it is unnatural for us to be competitive and warring people, this is only a conditioning
  • according to the Mayan prophecies the new age cycle begins 400 days after baktun 13 completes (December 21 2012), beginning  the baktun 14, a new age starting around February of 2014
  • when you say a prayer for yourself, say a prayer for everyone, when you pray for your families, pray for everyone’s families, we are all connected, awaken to this truth.
  • when you harm another, you harm yourself

I would like to speak in more detail about those three words he emphasized as our guiding principles.

Appreciation, Admiration and Inspiration

All three of these words are an expression of Unconditional Love. The first Love we ever know is the Unconditional Love of our Divine Source.  When you acknowledge a Higher Divine Power whose core essence is unconditional Love, regardless of the depth of your understanding, you contain that essence.  It is impossible for you not to have the Divine essence of that from which you were Divinely created, just like it is impossible to remove the RNA/DNA that is part of you from the physical parents you were born of.

Like it or not, we are all brothers and sisters who have been given free will, inspiring us to choose our unique paths, ultimately to bring it back to the “family”, helping each other.  We are now awakening to understanding this inevitable connection.  However, just like your physical parental relationships, you can choose to have Source as part of your life or not.

For example, if you grew up to be a doctor, wouldn’t you help your family?  Doesn’t that expand the resources available to your parents and siblings and benefit them because you appreciated your talents and developed them.  Now take it to a higher level, and the “family” that is benefitting everyone, when we admire those who are helping people, we become inspired to be something that honors our talents and abilities, and the world is able to appreciate the benefits.

You have the same choice with acknowledging your Divine Connection to Source or not.  The same energy of Source, the spiritual RNA/DNA of Source, is running through your soul housed in the physical vessel of your body. To me, The Creator Source is the holy Mother/Father, All As One.  We know it is true that we all have inherited traits of our physical parents;  then it must be the case with the Divine Creator, you have inherited the spiritual traits and abilities of your Divine Source.

Jesus acknowledged that and so can you.  In John  14:12, Jesus said it best,” Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

In my opinion, he was talking about each and every one of us, not the exceptional.  Jesus wasn’t born performing miracles for others the second he became physical.  He was a child like we were, he observed the world around him, like we do, but what he did, is appreciate where he came from and who he could be, he admired those that came before him (his cousin, John the Baptist) and rather than let that be used as a limiting belief to say “well, I am not like that”, he was inspired to believe that anything is possible…and so can you…he insisted.

water dropsYour time is now; it’s what you signed up for. Dannion Brinkley brought the message from Source that said “you decided to be here and you were picked to be here”.  Being here in physical form is your confirmation that you have something to add to this world.  To be born here, to experience trauma, pain or suffering and then to rise up, showing the courage to believe you are more than that and choose to heal yourself of the wounds of the past is a demonstration of the exceptional, the extraordinary in you.  You can give inspiration to everyone in the collective consciousness to have the courage to do it, too.  Every thought and feeling, decision and choice you make, has the effect  of a pebble (your choice)  you are tossing into an endless sea (consciousness) and that movement creates more movement and like ripples in the water, it spreads and touches every surface of the water and everything in it (all of us).

Today is a good day to begin again, so starting right now, appreciate all that you can, admire those who are doing what you desire to do and who have done the impossible and inspire yourself to go beyond the boundaries of what you believed to be possible for you.  The rewards are great and you, we all, deserve it.  It is what our loving Source, like loving parents, created us to be.  We are all the same, brothers and sisters, learning and growing and we are much loved.



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