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I have been continuing to expand my knowledge and experience with a spiritual phenomenon called Orbs.  Although I have been seeing orbs around me as flashes of light for many years, I have never taken a photograph of one until I went to Machu Picchu in Peru last May.   I posted pictures of orbs in my June blog where many of my travelling companions photographed orbs in sacred sites in Peru.  I was captivated and excited at the sight of them.

One of my travelling companions, Judith Robuliak, continued to photograph incredible pictures of orbs when she returned to Toronto in May.  Being in flow, having faith and trust in herself and her connection to the Divine and the Earth Mother, it has been a beautiful thing to see her awaken a remarkable gift.

Judith’s strong connection to the Divine attracts the wonderful Light Beings she consciously engages who send messages of Love and Light for us to see and feel through her photographs.  I have been so inspired by her work that I started to seek out more information about Orbs, their meanings and their connection to us all.

September Blue Moon 2012 – Judith Robuliak


Meditation for Knowledge Sept 11, 2012 – Judith Robuliak

I was recently visiting Sedona, Arizona, a sacred space that holds a very special place in my heart. While there I was intuitively drawn to a new age book store I had not been in before.  As I walked through the isles I was drawn to two books on Orbs.  One of those books is called Enlightenment through Orbs by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell, I silently gave thanks to Source, it was perfect for what I was looking for.

What is an Orb?

According to Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell, an orb contains a spiritual light being and offers healing, transformation and enlightenment.   When you look “into” the pictures of an orb, opening your heart and mind, you can sense energy, a presence, a message.  The orb is a light body of a spiritual being that can be an angel, archangel, principality, power, spirit or elemental (nature spirit).

In the past, many spiritual manifestations were in the form of ghosts but so many people dismissed them that they lost their ability to show spirit made manifest.  Divine Light Beings, Angels, want us to know that they are around and are trying to find ways that are convincing to the many people that only believe what they can see and prove.

Divine Light Spirit Beings travelling to this dimension in the past often travelled in the shape of a six pointed star but as they evolved they started to take a round shape like a globe.  The circle represents wholeness and completion and a globe shape can carry a higher frequency than other shapes because it has no corners to restrict the flow of energy.  They can also appear elongated, hexagonal, concave, conical or lemon shape.  Each shape represents an activity of the orb such as witnessing, transmitting or receiving energy.  Often the orbs will contain light energy with various colors, each having different meanings, and can help to identify the Divine Light Spirit Being.

Each orb’s center is connected to Source and brings the purest divine light energy.  Different spiritual beings resonate to a variety of frequencies corresponding to the dimension they exist in.  Orbs create a “vessel” for them to travel in.  Many of the orbs are multi aspects of angels and archangels.

There are many dimensions of frequency and I am understanding that to take an orb photograph a person needs to resonate to a fifth dimension frequency – easy to do when you hold love in your heart.  When we open the crown, heart and solar plexus combined with our earth chakra at our feet, the door opens to our ability to “see” and feel angels and nature spirits through photographs of orbs.

This leads me to an awesome experience I had one morning with my friend Christian Pare at sunrise in Sedona.  I went out on my balcony and gave thanks and gratitude to the guardians of this sacred place for the privilege of being there and the incredible love that we share with each other as they are part of my divine family.

I invited my Divine Light Beings to be there with me sharing my joy.  As I pulled out my camera, I saw an interesting red orb with a bright light in the center of it right in front of me.  I could only see it through my camera lens.  I was a little speechless at what I thought I saw on my camera.   I asked Christian who was taking pictures of the sunrise if he saw the same thing, he did when looked through my camera but through his camera he saw something else. I rushed into the house and put the images on my computer screen; I realized with great amazement I had photographed an orb of the Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love, the heart.  He brings compassion and love.  He helps people to forgive and often radiates with the color of pink.  My friend Christian also saw the incredible orb of an angelic being.  We were both like children, in awe and excitement at what we just experienced.

I asked my Divine Source if this was the Archangel Chamuel and confirmed it was.  I was receiving so much love it was truly amazing.

I would like to share with you some photos Christian and I took of these powerfully loving orbs here for us all.   The archangel is the white light in the center; the red is the aura emanating the angel’s aura of love intending to touch mine and now yours.   With an open heart and mind, as you gaze into these photos you too can sense the love being offered from this Archangel.

Christian’s photo #1


Christian’s photo #2


Below you can see as I take pictures, the orb taking shape as it gives and receives love.


Orb of Love – Catherine Varga – Sedona, AZ


When I went inside, looked at my camera and realized what had happened, I rushed back outside to give thanks and the orb began reforming in the distance – awesome.


This was an extraordinary experience for me, a wow moment.   What I did not know is that day I would be hearing that our beloved family dog Penny passed away with cancer during my visit to Sedona.  I found out a couple of hours after these pictures were taken.  I was receiving so much love to help me process the news.  We all really love Penny and I spent the day sending healing for her transition and honouring her unselfish devotion to the well-being of our family.

That night she came to me in a dream with an angel and she looked like a one year old puppy, (she was ten) wagging her tail and happy.  I hugged and kissed her, she responded with a happy bark and with that I was in peace, knowing I was able to show her how much she meant to me.

I believe that everyone has at least one guardian angel and with love and gratitude in your heart and mind, I know you too can feel and see their presence everywhere.    For me, whether you can see them or not doesn’t matter, I believe that each of us is never alone; our Angels, Divine Light Beings, are always here unconditionally to lovingly help us help ourselves.



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