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Catherine Varga Head ShotHappy New Year to all!  2014 has started out in a very positive way, for most people. Even the severe cold that we have been experiencing here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has made us all mindful and grateful for what we have and what we need when nature brings on her lessons.  It brought many of us together, to help each other, especially when it happened over the holidays. It seems like some of the lessons we have faced collectively and individually in 2013 have been completed and rewards are being received.  A new Light has dawned.

If you feel things have moveKhao Sok Or Guilin Park by anekohod faster, you are right and fasten your seat belt, they will continue that way.  Those who have been working on creating a more intimate connection with inner selves and have opened to their connection with the Divine will feel they have more choices and options than those who still hold onto a victim mentality or one that is self absorbed.  As part of this rise in the evolutional vibration of consciousness, we are developing a relationship with our I Am presence.  We can see we are not victims unless we, in some way, allow it through fear or ignorance.   That lower vibration thinking cannot reside where the collective human consciousness is growing.  We are all connected to each other and that will become more apparent during this next year. When this understanding has grown, it will affect how you live and respond to others in the world.  For example, your intentions will be focusing more on those with like-minded ideas than those that are anchored in holding onto old ways.  As we raise our vibrations, we are focusing our attention on things that matter to us and less on things that do not.  We will become more aware of, and really act on, our personal integrity and use that as the discernment for who we lead, who we follow and what kind of world we want to live in.

Many are becoming more aware of themselves, hearing gentle, loving, guiding voices inside their being.  Now is the timgrowth dreamstimefree_246526e for being motivated. Acting on those intuitive ideas is the big theme for this next cycle of our development. This is a time to plant the seeds for a future that is part of a vision of something better. I have heard from some who are experiencing this incredible shift in vibration. They are listening to their inner knowing and feeling their connection to the Divine in all things. This essence is activating now in everyone who is willing and it is manifesting in so many remarkable ways.

Some have awakened to their gifts and are leaving corporate jobs to follow a more spiritual path. There is a boldness that comes from an intuitive knowing that you just have to follow. To me this feeling is what it feels like being you, really you, it’s magical.  For others, it is putting more in perspective about what they really need to be happy.  They are finding out it is a lot less than they thought, personal time is becoming more important as well as doing what you love.

Commit to integrating your personal integrity in your day to day life and developing your own guiding philosophies. This will teach you that it is not so much the end result that matters, as following your own truth and doing what you think is right. Developing confidence in ourselves creates an inner strength that inspires us to walk our talk and inspires others to do the same.  Sadness, regret and things left unforgiven must be healed and released. These have no place in your future of love, abundance and limitless possibilities. The past is your teacher only; do not let it define you.

joining 2 puzzle pieces websizeWe all have a talent and gift to share.  I believe that part of our life’s purpose, through self-discovery, is to uncover what this is for each of us.  We are all as unique and important as pieces in a majestic jigsaw puzzle.  Have you ever tried to complete a jigsaw puzzle and were missing  one piece?  (It’s usually the center one too.)  The picture can’t take form; it just doesn’t feel the same as if that piece was there.  That piece is you and me.  Each one is different, but when we come together we create something that is so much bigger that any one of us could create alone.  Finding those who resonate with a unity consciousness, expands that energy.  You will find yourself attracted to and attracting more like-minded people with a focus on a unifying intention, one that is co-operatively supported.  World peace starts in the heart of each person.

That is how important your talent is and how you inspire our consciousness when you decide to focus on what makes you happy, what you believe and how you walk and talk your truth.  Can you imagine a world that you live in, where everyone does that?  Competition would be a thing of the past and our natural disposition of being co-operative and compassionate towards each other would once again emerge in this Light of change.

Be positive, and make optimistic, long term plans.  Your next step, this year, is to believe them and have faith that they are real and possible.  TheID-100131549 Love by Dan final step is to do your part, trust yourself and your abilities to pull it off.  You can do it. Your faith in this is directly proportionate to the energy you are sending it to manifest.  The more faith, the faster it is moving towards you, the less, you weaken the energy directing your dream and it will not be as you hoped. Decide to trust in the Universe or something that is a guiding Light in your life.  Something you can have faith in, believe in, and trust in.  This will open your spiritual heart that sees and hears all things.  Allow your intuition to be the inner wisdom that guides you to what you need when you need it, where you need to go in times of change, and having the patience that you are blessed, protected and unconditionally loved by your guides, Angels, Divine teachers and especially your emerging soul self.  Allow the merging of your Higher Self with your physical self to become one.  Take a higher perspective, see the gifts of each experience, they are opportunities for growth. Be loving and gentle with yourself, it’s the only way you can teach others to be the same.

2014 will provide countless opportunities to experience the joy of life, living in an abundant universe.  This is the energy that makes dreams come true; all we need to do is truly believe in the dream because we earned it. Take time for meditation and contemplation as you start your year and creatively visualize your new self.  Have you become the change you would like to see in the world?

 “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To really change something, build a new

model that makes the existing model obsolete.”     …..  Richard Buckminster Fuller

May the blessings of this new year grace you with love, wisdom and the joy of an open heart.




“Catherine” courtesy of Wade Khan,

“Khao Sok Or Guilin Park” courtesy of Anekoho,

“Heart” Image courtesy of Dan,

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