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Standing Sedona 045 webThere is a surge of positive energy being dispersed through conferences, books and cultures right now and it is intended to assist all of us to awaken the divine truth of what December 21, 2012, means to each of us.  The truth is alive inside us, like an eternal flame, and can be masked by fear or anger.  It is an exciting time to be alive.  In my belief, you would not be here if you were not meant to assist in this transition of one way of being into another.   How do you do this?  First and foremost, be nice.  Love changes consciousness and consciousness attracts experiences as physical forms of its expression.

One of the fastest ways to expand and raise your consciousness starts with the decision to respectfully and sincerely surrender the pain of the past. Through self-love and trusting that you are part of a higher purpose, you are able to free yourself from the experiences that trigger unhappy thoughts and feelings.  The shift or ascension into a higher vibrational frequency happens automatically when you make the commitment to forever release the past, healing it through self-respect, love, compassion and forgiveness; all that you would want to receive unconditionally from those around you.  Consider this time as represented by the image of yourself reaching a finish line because you have successfully understood something or made the decision to search for answers to free you of limiting beliefs.

The past is not a predictor of our future. We cannot change it, we are not meant to.  The past was our teacher of what we wanted or didn’t want, based on who we were, nothing more. Decide to let it go by honoring only those thoughts, memories and beliefs that empower you to discover who you really are, without the limitations of past.  The ascension energy is all around you and has been for several years; you would have noticed it in your life as slowly or abruptly waking you up through events that have deeply affected you in your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual outlook.

You have more strength within you right now than ever before, that is the beauty of ascension energy.  The ascension energy has been building, shifting the Earth Mother to a higher frequency and since we are all deeply connected to the Earth Mother we too must raise our vibrational frequency to a higher dimensional frequency in order to live on her comfortably.    The changes in your life in the past few years have been conditioning you to let go of things that “hold you down” and have invited, through change, those things that “lift you up”.    The earth’s energy is being “lifted up” and once it reaches and maintains this consistent frequency, it will never go back down.  This makes “holding on” to low vibrational thoughts and feelings more difficult because it is not compatible with the energy of a fourth dimensional frequency, the frequency we are ascending to.

Trust yourself, you have experienced and studied enough in this lifetime to act on what you know is right for you and brings you peace and harmony.  The past is over, the future has not yet started and the space in between is called now.  Now is the time to lovingly give yourself permission to completely and fully release the power you give to the past, it was to serve as your teacher, nothing more.  Focus on the now and create whatever reality you desire to inspire the future, your future is all of our futures.

The time is over for making up stories as to why you are not ready.  On a spiritual level, your Higher Self has everything you need to respond to creating a better world through happier relationships with yourself and others – your Divine Source would not have it any other way. We are all part of a Divine team, and each of us has to do our part… it starts inside, defining our truth and walking our talk.

When we raise our vibration through the nourishment of loving thoughts, feelings and actions, our density changes, we become lighter on a soul level.  This expands our access to a higher level of thinking, a place without judgment and filled with love and compassion.  This affects how we feel and think on a physical level and what we think and feel is the beacon that attracts the same experiences into our lives.

The physical level is the lowest vibration of our multidimensional selves.  Your Higher Self resonates to a much higher vibrational frequency, so high you see it with your mind’s eye, your intuition, dreams, or through sensations.  It is tough to connect with your Higher Self when you are feeling fear, anger or depression, but when you approach your Higher Self in a state of openness, gratitude and sincerity, then the communication is received loud and clear.  This openness is what is needed at this new vibrational level.  As we become less dense, our physical communication will become more intuitive and shift to expand to be telepathic.

When you feel love, your energy starts to get lighter and expansive because it is being nourished.  When you think of someone lovingly or you reach out to hug someone, your vibration goes so high that there is no dis-ease that can enter that space; dis-ease needs the low vibration of fear, anger and depression to be present.  All energy needs nourishment and its food is emotions and thoughts.  A healthy diet of love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude creates a healthy body, mind and spirit; it also raises your consciousness and contributes to the expansion for us all.

Imagine you made a decision to live in peace, to lovingly let go of judgement and look compassionately at others.   Now, imagine you are in a room where 100 people who were like that, how happy and open would you be?  Now, imagine a city where everyone thought and acted that way, then a country, etc., that is where we are going. This is how change happens, one person at a time, this is how consciousness shifts, it is a domino effect.

There was a time when the belief was that a person could not run a 4 minute mile and then someone did.  The next year, 20 people did it; this is an example of a shift in consciousness.   When even one person believes in a different reality and gives power to it, they influence the human consciousness of which we are all connected and shift the consciousness of others who are on the “same wave length”, who then act on it.

I believe that we are shifting from 3rd dimensional beings to 4th dimensional beings, and in doing so, we are becoming less dense.  Let’s hope that is true in all meanings of the word! The earth is shifting her vibration as she evolves into a higher level of awareness and consciousness.  If she shifts, we shift; we cannot live on the earth comfortably if we are resonating to a different vibration.  A shift in vibration is directly proportional to a shift in thinking, aligning the heart and mind into one. When enough of us shift personally to hit the critical mass that shifts human consciousness, we ascend our vibration opening up gateways to unlimited possibilities and consciously reincarnating into something more.  The energy and focus in our individual lives and the like-minded global community start to create ways of life that correspond to that way of being.  Harmony, justice, truth, love and compassion; they are a natural state of being.

The change is similar to the evolution of a child becoming an adolescent.  The child develops into something different, the same being but more evolved and ready for higher learning and the more sophisticated experiences of an adolescent.  The body’s hormonal and physical changes accommodate the new form of an adolescent.  This is what a shift in consciousness feels like, a gradual waking up or expansion of the senses, a natural progression, then in a twinkle of an eye, everything shifts.

The massive amount of change that most of us have had to deal with in our personal and professional lives has taught us a lot about who we are and what defines us.  Many have taken the adversity of losing a job to create an opportunity to pursue a career, perhaps even on a lesser financial scale that is more meaningful. They may not have been motivated to do so if they were not laid off.  This is a new way of thinking and being, of changing personal philosophies, of finding the positive in all experiences.  Can you imagine what kind of world we would be living in if everyone did that?  Awesome, that is where we are going and what we are ready for.

Have faith in yourself and the Divine family you come from and act with the energy of love, compassion and respect for yourself and others.  Walk your talk, talk your truth, use that faith to fuel your confidence to let go of people, places and things that no longer serve your happiness, well-being and movement forward.

Now is the only time that exists in which you can change anything and use it to create a new reality for your way of being while honoring the future as your inspiration of what can be.

You are a blessed child of the universe, have faith in the love that is within you and surrounds you, you do not need to search for it, just awaken to it now, all is well.



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