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Cat CHAIR LEG UPLaughter is good medicine. Laughter attracts happiness. Happiness attracts Love. Love attracts peace.

2016 for me means a year of attainment, achievement and completion. 2016 is a year of rewards and acknowledgement. Rewards? Yes, receiving the rewards of being freed from an unhealthy situation whether you wanted freedom or not. 2015 had a funny way of bringing truth to the surface which awakened and catapulted many into a new way of life whether they thought they were ready or not.

  • Did anything happen in 2015 that shocked you? A truth that rattled you to the core?   That truth would have included revealing something about you.
  • Did you find you were holding on to something for the wrong reasons? Admitting that is huge!

I learned a lot of lessons in this past year and I am proud of the emotional risks I took by trying new things that were out of my comfort zone. Although it was a bumpy ride, I learned about being more authentic and honest with myself about my role in creating the things that did not make me happy.

I had chosen fear of failure as a motivator and held onto things that were not good for me. My biggest pain was a result of talking myself into accepting things that were not in alignment to my happiness. Done with that! I am stronger and clearer than ever about creating my heart’s desires and I hope you are too.

Our experiences give us opportunities to grow and expand. Our consciousness craves expansion, it’s our natural way of being, but then the challenges in life come in. These challenges are often attracted by our insecurities, and they cloud the truth that we can do whatever we want.

Creating a new way of looking at things and living with a new love and acceptance of ourselves, warts and all, starts with Belief.

  • What do you believe is possible for you for 2016?   Okay now, if everything is possible, what would you do? Is there a difference? Stretch, can you give yourself permission to do that or a variation of it?
  • Fuel that belief with Faith. Make it real through thoughtful actions aligned to that belief and you are on the path of actualizing your dreams.
  • Acknowledge yourself for leaving an unhealthy situation or if an unhealthy situation left you, giving gratitude. Acknowledge that you knew things were not right in your heart of hearts and that next time you will acknowledge it sooner. Refuse to interpret situations and events as a confirmation that you are not good enough or worthy.
  • Release, release, release, it’s time to let go of what is not working for you or the memory of what could have been. Focus on what you want not what you don’t.
  • Finally, the Love you give yourself is equal to the love you share with others.

We all make mistakes; it’s the only way to grow. A mistake is nothing more than a “Miss Take” like a dress rehearsal for the real deal. Don’t give up on life, relationships, people or on YOU just because something went really wrong. How many great performances would have failed without a dress rehearsal? The opportunity to make course corrections until we get where we want to be, that is what is being offered.

Love is in the air this year. You went through an emotional roller coaster last

year to prepare for Love now. Whether you are with your soulmate now or ready to meet them, love fearlessly, love unconditionally, and be all in. Cherish it, see the Divine in it, be innocent and do more than you ever have, see what happens. This is the year to forge soul friendships and soul groups into lasting bonds.

2016 is about finding our self – expression of unconditional love. Invite Butterfly 459875921compassion and empathy to be your guiding light. Let the integrity of your smile at strangers bring Light to others to rise to their highest good. Acknowledge the beautiful being you are.

Laugh alot, Walk in beauty, Be in peace.

Happy New You!

Love and Light,



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