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C CHAIR LEG UP2015 seems to have taken flight with much emotional, mental, physical and spiritual turbulence as we ascend to the skies on our journey of transformation in this magnificent year. That journey is fueling our ascent to a higher state of awareness. You are shifting, the planet is ascending and we are all expanding through the closure of a significant cycle, reflecting the attitudes and activations of the past three years.   The energies that are flowing right now are about completion and the focus is the healing and releasing of issues that were created in the last three years. This will catapult you into your future.

Let me paint a picture of where energies are being directed and where you might be growing this year. Picture yourself packing bags for a really cool move to an amazing and magical place that you always wanted to live in. Your lease is up on the old place and you have outgrown it, it’s just not you anymore. This is how you will start to feel about old self-restricting habits, deciding they are no longer acceptable to you. Those things are the way you think and act and they limit you because they are motivated by fear or anger and can generate self-esteem issues.

March 20th was a powerful Solar Eclipse on the Spring Equinox. We have entered a gateway, an 11:11 portal to a higher consciousness. A place that requires a different way of thinking through release, letting bygones be bygones and freeing yourself, once and for all, of a belief, a relationship, or fears that lead to self-doubt.

Working up to this time, you may have been experiencing difficulties that have affected you emotionally.   It is also a time when things known and unknown come crashing in. This needs to happen, there is a higher purpose in everything and this can show itself as a cold jolt of reality, a wake-up call.

Through the gateway lies the higher purpose. It is where a happy and expanding consciousness, and the “Ah Ha” moments, await and all you have to do is admit, accept and release the things that have been a weight on your shoulders. It might be the way you make decisions or it might be relationships, in the things that you always let influence you. Something you know is not right for you but that you have been too afraid to admit or change.

The gateway to your new “space” requires you to walk through it symbolically. Keep in mind, the gateway is two pillars and not too wide; you can only take through what you can carry in your heart, so choose wisely! The energies this month will bring things to the surface for the opportunity to change the way you feel or think about what you allow to affect your decision making. You may be making changes you never saw coming but you will have courage and strength backing you up. Anything that has been holding you back, particularly in the past three years, is going to come to the surface. It may be uncomfortable but it will be freeing. You cannot squeeze in all of your “stuff” and now need to 486572381 websize prioritize that which you will need to leave behind. This is a lot like what each of us is going to be facing and for the same reasons. To move onwards and upwards, we need to choose what is working for us in our lives and let go of those things that do not fit anymore. Like the bags we are packing to move to our new space, we have to feel good about what we choose to leave behind and have faith that we are going to a better place where those things cannot be present. The result can be a healthier attitude towards ourselves, our life, love and compassion.

It is for this reason that you will find issues, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical, coming up and have a willingness to deal with them often in a very different way than ever experienced before. These experiences are intended to teach you that it is time to change the way you do something, to be honest with yourself and have the courage to say you know it is not working and will never create the result you desire. This is especially true if you have developed a repeating pattern which has magnified itself in the last three years. Belief you can have something you desire is part of the process of manifestation and it starts with having the faith that it is possible. We need to believe something good will happen and take actions that support that belief. After all how can one create something one does not believe in?

Number 11, the 11:11 portal of eternal love activated on March 20th is also a part of the energy flowing through now and for the next month. The number 11 focuses Light into Energy. All month long we may find ourselves crossing boundaries, recognizing the resources, (your Higher Self, or Divine Source) within. It is about connecting more consciously with our Higher Self, the best part of us, the part that is fearless, compassionate and wise.

Be prepared for breakthroughs and find yourself receiving perspectives, along with the ability to consider them all, equally.Power of Forgiveness Heart - Sound Reiki Institute When we can “think” with our heart, it will always lead up to the most benevolent outcome. This is a year where we will be bringing Heaven to Earth in all the ways we can imagine. For each of us, personally, it is when our mind and heart unite in faith and trust and we use this as our compass moving forward.

During our shift into a higher vibrational frequency, we can find ourselves having easier access to feel this flow. This month especially, you are addressing the final issues blocking you from moving forward and it is in a good way, not necessarily through crisis. It could be that you just say, OK, I have tried everything, there must be another way and finally give in recognizing the limitations of your previous way of looking at things. You have to change the way you are doing something now, the old ways only create the old ways and if you don’t like them, in this energy you can stop going there. In fact, things will come to the surface this month to show you what needs to change and you will be OK with it. You see a higher perspective and for whatever reason be ready to do something different than you thought you would.

See yourself stepping through a new gateway to understanding yourself, your life and open to the ways of new thinking and being, even if you do not know what they are yet. Pay attention to your hunches. Change is good. Your intuition may be at an all-time high, so prepare for it to stay that way and trust it more. This month things can come to the surface to be released. However, we have the strength that will help us to cultivate confidence in following our hunches, our gut feel, and our intuition. Be assured that you are always taken care of. A new sense of confidence can come from setting yourself free from something.

March 20th, the amazing Solar Eclipse where the 11:11 Portal opens to eternal love, also carries within the number 2. Two contains the energy of inner and outer balance. The 2 energy activating this year is helping you regarding all relationships with others, yourself and the environment.481384707

2015 is an 8 year in numerology and 8 represents manifestation, success, joy, infinite possibilities. The number 8 on its side is an infinity symbol, bringing heaven to earth working in as one with the Divine within ourselves. So where to begin? Well… what gives you joy? That is where to start.

What do you believe is preventing you from experiencing that joy? Embark on a personal journey of fearlessness, free of limitation and experiencing life in a way you only could imagine without fear. Picture your world where your unconscious angers and phobias no longer dominate your attitude and behaviour. This is the year to make it happen and the Universe is supporting your every move.

From another perspective 2015 adds up to the number 8 (2+0+1+5 = 8) and 8 in numerology is a number of infinite resources. What is blocking you from believing you have infinite resources available to you? If you don’t believe in your ability to receive something you desire, there is not enough energy to attract it. (Tweetable) It is all about letting go of anything that is left over, any triggers related to issues that make us doubt the infinite resources that are opening up to all of us.Strength Tarot card

8 is also very prevalent in the esoteric teachings of the Tarot, it represents balance, success and power. It embodies the maxim “know thyself:   Using the power of understanding to tame the desire nature. In the Tarot’s version of psychological analysis, 8 is a number in the Major Arcana, the Strength card.  Strength, endurance and having a deep commitment to love and living fully, are only a decision away. Tapping into this energy allows us to draw on our ability to delve into the memories that make up our behaviour patterns. The nature of this card’s teachings is that the power of patience and understanding activates the power to control the unconscious instincts which are our first step to our self-awareness and claiming our personal power. The teachings of this card tell us that patience, love and caring used in a positive, disciplined, respectful way contribute to forgiveness and self-nurturing behaviour. We can be more open than ever, looking at whatever is needed to release the trauma of early life. Love is the center of this message, to know you are not alone and that you have the personal power that can create a happier and loving life.

Another beautiful energy that permeates this year, supporting any changes we have the courage to make, comes from Chinese Astrology, this is the Year of the Sheep. The Sheep energy is an activation of feminine energy, the Yin. 8 is merging the physical and spiritual realms. Sheep helps us to deal with our emotions and delicacy and this energy will last for the entire year. You may see a real surge in the Arts and poetry, and in the spoken words events held2015 year of sheep this year. This energy is about beautifying and bringing balance and harmony. It also talks of groups of people embracing their power.

The Sheep energy also activates a worldwide interest in the occult and spirituality, with more people interested in learning the laws of karma, cause and effect. You may see a quickening in media, services and movies that are more spiritually attuned. People will embrace more rituals in their own lives, for example, creating a sacred space in the home, like a prayer alter or mediation space, to help them focus on spiritual aspects of life, tuning in and working with an inner knowing, asking themselves more and more about how they feel inside when making decisions. They will begin taking more interest in understanding what is needed for growth in the soul and enlightenment.

463742985As you can see this is an incredible year for rapid growth that brings with it the opportunity to move into wholeness using inner strength, courage and our knowing that it has and always will be there. Be free.

Blessings for the rebirth that this Spring Equinox brings, Happy ReBirth Day.

Have a love affair with life, starting right now.



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