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SoulChild™ Report

Would you like to know which years of your life are impacting your movement forward? I recently offered a SoulChild Audio Report in which I intuitively connect with your energy and reveal to you the areas that are holding you back right now. Well, due to the...
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Changing Direction

Love, prosperity, expansion, freedom and joy are the gifts being offered you in the energy of 2017.  This year is about taking your life seriously, liberating freedom and moving into a new future, one without a past. “If you do not change direction, you may end up...

The SoulChild Connection – Special Event Feb 11th

Join Catherine Varga, creator and author of The SoulChild® Within and Heather Hannan, Master Sound Reiki® Healer and Master SoulChild Practitioner, this magical Saturday morning for an inspiring talk and enlightening healing meditation introducing you to a...

Sound Reiki In The News

Sound Reiki and SoulChild Healing on CBC Life   Sound Reiki House Clearing and SoulChild Healing with Heather Hannan, Master Sound Reiki® Healer and Master SoulChild Practitioner are featured in an article on CBC Life by Rhianna Weaver, Hockey Wives star. Rhianna...

Feb 7th Cancelled due to ice storm

Join Heather in Oakville for a fun and always unpredictable Power Hour with Channeled messages from Archangel Gabriel Sound Reiki Vibrational Energy Healing Meditation Focus on a self-development subject chosen specifically for all attending Personal healing &...

Sound Reiki Certification Weekend – Mar 4-5th

Move and Transform Energy with the sound of your voice. Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Medicine, said “Sound will be the medicine of the future.”  We invite you to enter into the world of vibrational medicine and discover how your voice can heal. Along with so...

Usui Reiki Certification – February 2017

Have you been waiting for the opportunity to take a Usui Reiki Certification? Each level of this program, facilitated by Heather Hannan, Usui Reiki and Sound Reiki Master Teacher, will expand your gifts and talents by strengthening your ability to give and receive the...

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