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SoulChild™ Report

Would you like to know which years of your life are impacting your movement forward? I recently offered a SoulChild Audio Report in which I intuitively connect with your energy and reveal to you the areas that are holding you back right now. Well, due to the...
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Personal Power Coaching

I am so grateful for the success of my book, The SoulChild Within. It is changing the way I am working with my coaching clients in such a positive way. For a limited time only, I am offering Personal Power Coaching packages that include 6 powerful sessions. I prefer...

SoulChild Healing LIVE – Align to the Frequency of Abundance

Do you feel STUCK in your personal life or your career? Do YOU feel like you CAN’T get yourself OUT, no matter what you try? YOUR SoulChild is the guardian of the teachings that we are ALL naturally programmed to receive on a SOUL level. You are a product of your...

The Frequency of Abundance

Are you aligned to the frequency of Abundance?  Over the past month, I have found myself talking to my coaching clients about the alignment to the frequency of Abundance and the tools to keep it flowing. What is the secret behind happy, successful people? It is their...

Sound Reiki Certification – 2018 Dates

Take a quantum leap in the level of your understanding of sound healing, self healing and how you can move energy and raise your vibration. You will be introduced to Sound Reiki vibrational frequency healing techniques at the beautiful Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre...

Gamechanger: CLEAR Your Relationship Blocks

Limiting beliefs are repetitive thoughts that BLOCK you from attracting your desires Do you believe any of these statements, even just a little? Relationships are a lot of HARD WORK with no guarantees A perfect PARTNER only comes along once ALL the good men are taken...

Welcome to the World of Sound Reiki™

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